Order SOS-ID

Here you can order SOS-ID packs so you can add them to your SmartPlan24 account, or register for a new account.
One SmartPlan24 account can only host 2 Adult SOS-ID's.
The number of Junior SOS-ID's allowed depends on your subscription level.

SOS-ID Unit Price Order quantity
Adult SOS-ID (1 bracelet, 2 extra bands, 1 keychain tag) 29.95 USD
Xtra SOS-ID (1 QR code sleeve, 1 QR code keychain tag, 1 clasp) 19.95 USD
Junior SOS-ID (1 bracelet, 1 extra band) 24.95 USD
0.00 USD
Free Shiping for Order >= 19.00 USD 5.00 USD
0.00 USD